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Egyptian Canadians for Democracy will be holding a rally and march on February the 11th against military rule in Egypt

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Egyptian Canadians for Democracy will be holding a rally and march on February the 11th against military rule in Egypt. The event will start 12 pm at Dundas Square. Other organizations and groups will be collaborating and joining us, such as the Canadian Peace Alliance. We also plan to have a few speaker representatives from different political parties and organizations. Please read the statement to learn about the history of what is happening now in Egypt, why we are protesting and what our demands are. Another press release will be issued shortly to announce the speakers, the route of the march and detailed schedule of the event. 

Egyptian Canadians for Democracy Statement Regarding Recent Events in Egypt
Toronto, ON (February 6th, 2012)-We strongly condemn the Supreme Council of Armed Forces’ management of the Egyptian government. Since they were granted power by Hosni Mubarak as he was stepping down, they have failed to respect the Egyptian people and their revolution. The people’s demands were not met, the regime has not yet fallen, and the revolution is not yet over.

Why we hold such a position:
-During the revolution, while the army was present on the streets for the apparent purpose of protecting the protestors and public property, thugs were allowed and even guided by military personnel into the square. When people were being massacred, army personnel were watching.
-Once the army received powers, passed onto them by Mubarak’s will, the first thing they did was the rhetoric of honoring martyrs, while allegedly beating protestors in an attempt to clear Tahrir Square.
-The army has been militarily trying civilians (mostly activists, bloggers and protestors) which is illegal according to international law.
-The trials of Mubarak, ex-regime officials, and corrupt businessmen have not been just, transperent or progressive. Most have not yet been charged.
-Government officials as well as persons with authoritative or managerial positions in  public institutions have not changed, neither has the system of policies that guides them. This is especially threatening to the people, as institutions ensuring internal security have been operating very poorly.
-The army itself has not yet been cleared of corrupt leaders, and has allegedly abused its power to gain control over public properties (farm lands and industries) that operate for profit without which is not being spent on the people or to meet governmental needs.
-The army has systematically massacred protestors in order to suppress their voices. This was done in the Maspeero protest (killing and wounding members of the minority Christian community), as well as in sit-ins and protest like in November, December etc...
-Freedom of speech and freedom of press have been greatly restricted in Egypt under the army’s rule. The military has been trying civilians in military courts, despite article 14 of the ICCPR under international law, as well as placing heavy censorship over the media.

Egyptian Canadians for Democracy strongly demands the following:
That the Supreme Council of Armed Forces peacefully steps down, handing power to a civil government or council that fairly represents the entire Egyptian population.
That those who have committed crimes of humanity against protestors be brought to justice. 3- That trials of ex-regime officials be transparent, fair and immediate.
For the Canadian government to denounce the Supreme Council’s crimes and legitimacy, taking real effective actions (while respecting the Egyptian people’s freedom and needs).
The military, as a public institution, should be checked by civil powers, and subject to its authority.
About Egyptian Canadians for Democracy
An online political group -soon will be registered- as a Non-profit Organization, concerned with reaching out to the Egyptian community in Canada and democracy loving Canadians to form an undisputed force of change to positively influence the transition to democracy in Egypt. It is also a starting point for an active front that serves the Egyptian community in Canada and bridges the gaps between Egypt and Canada, both people and governments.
 The idea of the group came as a repercussion of recent events taking place in Egypt since the January 25th revolution. It has a political dimension, as well as cultural and social. Yet for the mean time it is more focused on the political dimension and the need to bring to life the role of Egyptians living in Canada in shaping the future of the state that is being born in Egypt following the fall of Hosni Mubarak regime. The group is created by volunteers who are advocates for democracy and human rights. The group is inspired by the positive values of democracy and tolerance that are enjoyed and practiced here in Canada and aspires for all the Egyptians living in Egypt to enjoy it as well. It is meant to include the full spectra of the Egyptian community in Canada, regardless of their faith or political affiliations.
Egyptian Canadians for Democracy
 20 Eglinton Av. East – Suite 235
 Toronto, ON
M4P A19
Facebook group: Egyptian Canadians for Democracy
 Twitter/ Hashtag:@ECD25Jan #ECD

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