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Syria-Time to Move From Awareness to Action

Syria-Time to Move From Awareness to Action

February 10, 2012
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Unfortunately, at present there is no better case for the use of video to generate awareness than what is happening right now in Syria. As the international community debates on what action to take to quell the death and destruction ravaging the country, it’s video posted on YouTube and picked up by major news organizations that is giving the world an unflinching view of the violence.

Because Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has barred the media from covering the uprising, the Syrian people have used their own video cameras and phones to document the blood now flowing in their country, and YouTube is the delivery vehicle of choice, with thousands of videos posted there on the Syrian violence.
Now that the videos have helped gain the awareness of the public, there’s now a dilemma that most communicators face when using social media: turning that awareness into some kind of action.
With Russia and China blocking a United Nations Security Council resolution that would have called for Assad to step down, and the U.S. calling for al-Assad’s resignation—while the number of injured and dead rises—the stakes high. Now it’s up to the politicians to try to stop the killing. We’re all aware of the problem. It’s time to get to the action stage.
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