Thursday, February 23, 2012

Top Ten Egyptian Blogs

Top Ten Egyptian Blogs
You can find the French edition of this review of news from Egypt here :
"Egypt’s blogosphere was being built bit by bit and forming a fan base long before 2011. Many Egyptian bloggers and vloggers received international awards, including renowned blogger and journalist, Wael Abbas who won several awards through the years for his work on exposing police torture. Also, Mahmoud Salem, known as Sandmonkey in the digital world, won the best English language blog — a people's choice award — in the Deutsche Welle's Blog Awards in 2011. But these are only a couple from the lot.

Although many have been blogging for years, it was only after the revolution that these bloggers really gained momentum and became more recognized on the domestic level. Their hard work and creativity have touched souls and maybe even, at some point, motivated people to think outside of the box. They showed people that there is a new platform for resistance, for change, even before anyone believed in the significance of their aspirations.
This is why Egypt Today decided to bring you our pick of ten recommended blogs to follow for commentary and news on the country’s political and social scene." (Hana Zuhair

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