Saturday, March 3, 2012

BBC seeks producer, trainer for humanitarian programming

BBC seeks producer, trainer for humanitarian programming  Deadline: 3/11/12

The BBC seeks a senior producer/trainer for BBC Media Action, the international charity of the BBC which uses media to advance development worldwide.

The producer will work to improve the ability of BBC World Service, BBC Media Action and potentially other partners to respond to rapid-onset humanitarian emergencies.
The producer will build effective internal and external relationships to ensure the highest quality programming, devising and delivering online and offline training modules. During an emergency, the producer will oversee the launch of lifeline programming and could be called upon to perform a senior editorial role.
Candidates should have significant knowledge and experience of the constraints of broadcasting in difficult environments, including during a disaster or emergency and a keen understanding of audience needs in these situations and will be able to articulate the potential of various media platforms to save lives during humanitarian emergencies.
Candidates should also have experience planning and delivering training and excellent spoken and written English skills.
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