Thursday, March 8, 2012

dMisr the first localized social media and search portal in Egypt

dMisr by Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom, a pioneer in the GIS field in Egypt, has officially launched dMisr, Cairo-Egypt (February 18, 2012) – Globe Telecom has announced the launch of dMisr – A localized experience of what is happening in Egypt.  From what to do and where to go to discussing all what matters in each city and community.  Across the globe, the world has been focusing on news, events and thing to do within its local communities.  Within a local community such as Maadi or Zamalek, people want to know when a new restaurant opens, or when there are special deals or how to solve city issues such as traffic, pollution or garbage collection.  dMisr can help with all such issues through its detailed map and the ability to link events to locations on the fly, search engine to find the right places or event and finally through its discussion groups and community interaction – all in one platform.

 dMisr has been online for the last couple of months but undergoing several release changes before its official launch” declared Globe’s CEO Shariff Elsheikh.  “The website is a combination of Google and Facebook – basically a fusion of discussions, navigational information and points of interests within each local market”.    
dMisr utilizes the web portal and mobile phones to provide information and interact  with its members within each community based on their location and special interest.
“We have few competitors in that market space but we have a unique idea, comprehensive platform and the only fully detailed map of Egypt”.   We can link all our discussions to a street level anywhere in Egypt”. “Most of our competition are using no maps or Google maps so the they cannot accurately localize their events or discussions” added Shariff.  The idea is based on giving the local citizen the ability to find places, improve his or her community and share his or her opinion with their fellow locals while pinpointing all such events on our proprietary map.  This gives other users the ability to expand on the subject using our portal or their mobile phones while at the event location.  A combination of Google and Facebook is very powerful tool especially in a country that is rated as the second active user of Facebook worldwide.  Think of dMisr as the local bulletin board from improving your local school to grading the new hangout in your city – all accessible from your phone or on the web.
“I trust you will find dMisr to be very unique from the moment you visit the site, it is not your normal design or concept.  We are still adding and refining the site but we believe that it will add a lot of value to our new  Egypt that will witness an incredible expansion and improvements in the next few years.  We are starting with Cairo and Alexandria but expanding to cover the full Egypt in the next few months” added Shariff

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