Saturday, March 31, 2012

how to make it an integral part of your business strategy

how to make it an integral part of your business strategy
 So you’re using social media, but not sure it’s effective? Having a Facebook page is not a social media strategy, and to be effective you need a strategy. You may have signed up to every social network available, but to make sure you’re not wasting your efforts on social media you need to know to create a real social media strategy that will align with your core business goals. These top tips will help you start thinking about a more purposeful use of social media.
1. Develop a plan for every page. Before you sign up for Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn or any platform, you need to think about who your audience is and why they will be using it. What your goals? What do you want the ultimate outcome to be? Having a Facebook page is not a social media strategy. and if you don’t have a clear plan you will end up using social media just because everybody else is, which is pointless and a waste of time.

2. Know how to measure success. The best metrics are flexible for the different platforms that your using and allow you to adapt to trends and new technologies as well as allowing you to continuously look towards improvement. Want to find out more about how to measure you’re success? Get expert advice here.

3. Integrate your social media platforms. Don’t concentrate all your efforts on one platform. Take the success of one platform onto another. At the most basic level this could simply mean having your Twitter feed on your Linkedin group. Simple, easy and effective. And don’t just stop here, you social media can be integrated within your PR, events, customer service and so on.

4. Review and improve. Nobody fully understands the best ways in which we can use social media. Just because you meet your objectives it doesn’t mean your job is done, carry on looking at new ways social media can help you. Take advice wherever you can get it. Always be on the look out for inspiration from other companies who are doing something brilliant.

Creating purposeful social media isn’t an easy task, luckily you can get some expert advice right now, click here to hear a leading agency DBB on advice that will help your social media strategy today.

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