Saturday, April 7, 2012

YouTube statistics from the middle east

YouTube: Global, regional and local statisticsYouTube has more than four billion views per day up 50% versus last year
60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute
Middle East Norh Africa (MENA) region YouTube playbacks doubled in the last year
There are 167M video views a day in MENA, putting the region in the number two spot in the world (behind the U.S. and ahead of Brazil)
These daily views represent 112% increase since last October - more than double the views in just one year.
There are 90M video views in Saudi per day -- that’s the highest number of YouTube views in the world per Internet user.
The average internet user in Saudi watched  three times as many videos per day in October as the average internet user in the US.
One hour of YouTube video is uploaded in MENA per minute
Saudi Arabia leads the region with the most playbacks followed by Egypt, Morocco and UAE
Local YT launched in 8 MENA countries (UAE, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi, Tunisia, Yemen)
Country specific data  of YouTube usage in 2011 versus 2010:
KSA: # uploads jumped 200%
KSA: # views increased 260%
Egypt: # uploads jumped 150%
Egypt: # views increased 220%
Jordan: # uploads increased 140%
Jordan: # views increased 240%
Tunis: #uploads increased 420%
Yemen: # uploads increased 100%
Yemen: # views jumped 150%

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