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The Assault on a Journalist inside the Egyptian Consulate in New York

The Assault on a Journalist inside the Egyptian Consulate in New York
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The Vice Consul General Mr. Elsayed Thanaa' assaulted Mr. El Sayed Mousa, a colleague and fellow journalist, and correspondent of "El Wafd" Newspaper covering New York and the United Nations in the line of carrying out his work as a journalist covering the final hours of the Egyptian Presidential elections on Thursday night May 17th .

As the interview with Mr. Adel Kelada, an Egyptian expatriate asking him how he felt as he was casting his vote to elect an Egyptian President for the first time, and what are his expectations that he wishes to see the next president fulfill, he suddenly was faced with a gentleman (who later turned out to be the Vice Consul of Egypt) asking him to stop the interview and stop the camera.
When the "El Wafd" correspondent asked : "And who are you Sir ?" to his surprise the man refused to identify himself and responded in an excessively loud tone saying : "DON'T TALK TOO MUCH AND JUST SHUT UP!!!!! " He then aggressively confiscated the camera, broke its tripod and tossed it to the floor. When the "El Wafd" correspondent tried to salvage his camera, only to be attacked by that same man (the vice Consul of Egypt to New York) who pushed him violently along with a number of Consulate staff members as they attempted to assault and strike the journalist. this violence resulted in Mr. Mousa losing his eyeglasses from the consulate staff's extended hands that were waved and struck his face.
His Excellence the Vice Consul then grabbed that camera which was still rolling and brought into the Consul's office who did not intervene to do anything to stop this preposterous debacle. It is noteworthy to point out that the camera happened to be still working inspire of the deliberate attempt of damaging it, and it still continued capturing footage of the entire conversation that took place between the Vice Consul and his boss His Excellency the Consul.
The Audio recording pulled out of that footage clearly recorded His Excellence the Consul General of Egypt to New York Mr.Youssef Zada saying : " the camera had contained footage/images of people who were not members of the Electoral Committee which also included the driver, alleging that the "El Wafd" online web page will " take this footage and produce a story accusing them of bringing in people to rig these elections"
Faced with the adamant persistence of "El ward" correspondent's request of returning the camera, and at the utter disbelief of everyone present inside the consulate's grounds witnessing this shocking public behavior of the Vice Consul of Egypt, one of the employees returned the camera to the correspondent of "El Wafd" the Vice Consul did not make another appearance after his earlier attempt of assault right in front of, or rather in the middle of everyone all the consulate staff trying to quell the whole situation down.
Two observing monitors of Dr. Abdel Moniem Abu El Fotouh, one of the 13 candidates in this presidential race arrived. Mr. Ahmed Shedeed and Mr. Ayman El- Sawa who both persuaded Mr. El-Sayed Mousa the "El Wafd" correspondent to reconcile. All of them then, entered into one of the corridors leading to the Consul's office where His Excellence the Vice Consul of Egypt apologized for his poor behavior in front of everyone's eyes.
Nevertheless, Mr. Ahmed Fathi, a fellow colleague and the United Nations correspondent of "El Wafd" as well refused to simply accept this casual and informal apology and condoned the attack of his fellow journalist, and called the NYPD which arrived and filed a report of the entire account. Below is the video sound bit of the actual incident of assault perpetrated against the New York correspondent of " El Wafd" and the conversation that took place inside the office between Mr. Youssef Zada and his vice consul inside their office unaware that the camera was still on.

For Further Information Please contact:
Ahmed Fathi
UN Headquarters
Alwafd Newspaper-Egypt

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