Sunday, June 24, 2012

Student-led #SudanRevolts continue

Student-led #SudanRevolts continue

Activists in Sudan call for increased anti-government protests and the "downfall of the regime".

Usamah Mohamad (@simsimt) tells The Stream why he is participating in protests in Sudan.

UPDATE: Citizen journalist Usamah Mohamad, who spoke to The Stream in the video above, has been reported arrested by Sudan's National Intelligence Security Services. His location is currently unknown.

Anti-austerity protests in Sudan continue amid a reported crackdown on Sudanese and foreign journalists. The protests are in response to austerity measures that will cut government jobs and raise fuel prices.

Egyptian journalist Salma Elwardany (@S_Elwardany) was detained by government security services. Her arrest came after her report on the dissolution of the Khartoum State Government, which is part of the austerity cuts. She is now reportedly under house arrest awaiting notice if she will be deported. An AFP reporter was also detained.

Elwardany uploaded this video of Sudanese police firing tear gas and warning shots in front of the Sudan Banking Academy:

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