Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jellybean,new Android OS, goes Arabic

Jellybean,new Android OS, goes Arabic
GoogleI/O introduces a whole new dimension to Android
  June 28th 2012
Every second, 12new Android devices are activated around the world - that’s more than 1million a day. To date, more than 400 million Android devices have now beenactivated—up from 100 million last June.  With this rapid expansion,Google is maintaining the momentum by rolling out a new version of the Androidoperating system called Jelly Bean during the annual developers’ eventknown as Google I/O.

Jelly Bean builds on its predecessor, Ice Cream Sandwich, andallows for smoother and faster browsing and applications with a new userinterface. Notifications are more dynamic and the keyboard is smarter and moreaccurate, to name just a few of the upgrades.
Along with many new features Jelly Bean offers, the Androidoperating system is going more Arabic by providing support for bidirectionaland right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Farsi. Jelly Bean offers Arabicas one of the User-Interface (UI) languages and also offers system Apps havebeen localized and support Arabic fonts. The new Jelly Bean features for Arabicare also available for developers in the region to develop new apps for Arabicusers.
Moreover Arabic font "Droid Naskh" has been optimizedresulting in beautiful rendering on Arabic text. Arabic glyphs have beenoptimized for web browsing in addition to  text input.  These newfeatures are also available in open source for developers in the region todevelop new more localized apps for Arabic users.
Google Play, the cloud-based digital entertainment destination, isexpanding as well. With more than 600,000 apps and games as well as music,movies and books, Google Play is growing to include magazines, movie purchasesand television shows.  All of the Google Play content comes to life onGoogle’s Nexus 7, a powerful new tablet that will offer allGoogle’s products in a vibrant and handy 7-inch 1280x800 HD display.
Android phones offer a huge selection of over 600,000 apps and isthe best-in-class for Google Services, like Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube.

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