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London 2012 Olympics: Egypt's Olympic chairman rages over Nike counterfeit clothing row

London 2012 Olympics: Egypt's Olympic chairman rages over Nike counterfeit clothing row
By Rod Gilmour and Jessica Winch
10:50AM BST 26 Jul 2012
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 Egypt's Olympic chairman admitted on Wednesday night that it was difficult to make out "the differences between the original and the fake" after its 117 athletes had been kitted out with counterfeit clothing ahead of Friday's Opening Ceremony
Telegraph Sport disclosed on Wednesday that sportswear giant Nike, a non-Olympic sponsor, had twice contacted Egypt's Olympic Committee over the matter after it chose a vendor for its athletes’ training and village wear who supplied counterfeit clothing bearing the brand.
London 2012 Olympics: Egyptian athletes 'given fake Nike kits' to wear at London Games

ملابس بعثة مصر الأوليمبية "مزيفة" .. ومسئول نايكي يرد
25 يوليو  2012 كتب - طارق طلعت:
أثارت قضية الملابس المزيفة لعدد من أفراد البعثة المصرية في دورة الألعاب الأوليمبية حالة من الجدل الواسع في الصحافة العالمية التي حاولت الوصول إلى الحقيقة في هذا الصدد, وأكد أحد مسئولي نايكي أنهم خاطبوا اللجنة الأوليمبية لمعرفة حقيقة الموضوع لكن كان ذلك دون جدوى.
وكانت السباحة المصرية يمنى خلف قد أكدت أن الملابس الرياضية التي حصلت عليها مزورة حيث أن الحقائب عليها شعار نايكي وأديداس بالإضافة إلى الملابس.
ومن جانبه أكد أحد المسئولين في شركة نايكي للملابس الرياضية في التصريحات التي أدلي بها لصحيفة تليجراف أن اللجنة الأوليمبية المصرية قامت بشراء هذه المتعلقات من أحد الأشخاص يزعم أنه تابع لنايكي.
وتابع المسئول أن هذا الأمر في غاية الخطورة بالنسبة لهم مؤكداً أنهم خاطبوا اللجنة الأوليمبية المصرية  يوم 20 يوليو الماضي من أجل معرفة حقيقة الموضوع إلا أنهم لم يحصلوا على رد حتى الآن.
واختتم المسئول بنايكي أن ما حدث مع المنتخب المصري هو مجرد حادث مشدداً على أن الشركة تتخذ كل الإجراءات الصارمة لحماية ماركتها وإرتباطتها لمنع وصول المنتجات المزيفة إلى العملاء والرياضين.
يذكر أن مصر أوفدت بعثة مكون من 117 رياضي في دورة الألعاب الأوليمبية في مختلف الألعاب
“We bought the clothing from a Nike agent,” Egyptian Olympic Committee's chairman General Mahmoud Ahmed Ali said. “All Nike products in the Egyptian Market are made in China. They all have the same logo. How can you know?"
Asked if Nike should take action against the agent who sold the fake clothing – worn by Egypt's 117 Olympians – Ali suggested they should "sue him".
He added: “It’s like if somebody created false coins and you happened to possess them. Is it your fault then?”
Nike's exclusive distributor in Egypt said they also warned the EOC they may have commissioned fake gear
Adly el Shafei, commercial director of Allied Trading and Consultancy (ATC) said they submitted a bid to the committee in June along with five other companies, including Puma and Reebok, to supply the Athletes' Village and training wear for the Olympic Games.
Their bids were all undercut by almost 50 per cent by a local company, who were awarded the contract.
Mr Shafei said: "When we found out that the offer was half our bid and the products were Nike, which we had not authorised them to submit, we sent a letter to the Olympic Committee telling them to look at the samples and raised concerns that they were not authentic."
He added: "About ten days later, we had not received any reply from them but two athletes walked into one of our stores wanting to change the size of their Olympic clothing. This is when we saw the products and we realised that they were counterfeit."
He said the company was now in contact with the Egyptian Olympic Committee trying to resolve the situation but he believed the Egyptian athletes were walking around the Olympic Park in fake Nike wear.
He said: "The NOC delivered the products to the athletes and the athletes are now in London."
Mr Shafei said it was "disappointing for the athletes [and] it's disappointing for the country".
On Wednesday Yomna Khallaf, 20, a member of Egypt’s synchronised swimming team, confirmed on Twitter that the athletes were given fake Nike wear.
When asked by another user if the news was true, she wrote: “Yes it is. The bags for example have big Nike logo in the front and the zippers are addidas [sic].”
Ms Khallaf added: “It’s so frustrating that we had to pay extra 2000 pounds to have other proper stuff to wear so that we can look OK not even good.”
Two thousand Egyptian pounds is just over £200.

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