Friday, August 10, 2012

Heliopolis The Dream

Enjoy this dream of some Heliopolitans who formed the Heliopolis Heritage Initiative after the success of Dr. Amr Hamzawy in the Parliamentary elections, trying to protect our Cultural, Architectural and Human Heritage in Heliopolis, bringing back the quality of life we had in the past in this district we all love and share collective memories in, and prove through this Model in Heliopolis that we can do it all over Egypt.

Who ever want to know more about Heliopolis Heritage Initiative or want to help, or engage with the teams already working, please visit our facebook Page مبادرة تراث مصر الجديدة or Heliopolis heritage Initiative on:

If we work hard all together toward this dream, we will reach it:)

Also we want to thank Miss Mahy Mourad and Mr. Karim Riad who helped in this movie creation and were not included in the credits. Thank you

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