Tuesday, August 21, 2012


50 Best Twitter Feeds about the Middle East

This list aims to provide an overview of the Twitter users in the Middle East and North Africa who help shape the conversation throughout and beyond Arab Spring, amid violence in Syria, elections in Egypt, nuclear talks in Istanbul and Baghdad. Many of these users frequently communicate with each other and form an underground network of knowledge and commentary
Tools such as Klout and Twittergrader are sometimes used for lists like these, but here they would have tilted the results toward the large Twitter communities of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, for example. For smaller countries, including some where Twitter isn't widely used, we drew on suggestions from tweeps themselves, as well as the numbers. Obviously the list is subjective, and by no means exhaustive. The list is limited to those who tweet in English, although some users throw in some Arabic or French.
For Arabic speakers, it might be useful to check out @Shushmo’s list of top 100 Arab Tweeps.

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