Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Journalists for Human Rights initiative to be a "Digital Ambassador"

So how does this whole "Digital Ambassador" thing work?
@jhrnews #rightsmedia #jhrda
Well, every month you will receive a program update with a contest that we would like you all to participate in and win great prizes. You are simply asked to retweet and share updates posted by JHR website on their Twitter and Facebook page.

What's the point?
The idea of being a JHR Digital Ambassador is to create widespread awareness about relevant human rights issues, but by doing this all at the same time we can create some real buzz and generate real dialogue about these issues on-line. Being a Digital Ambassador means you have signed up to be a part of human rights awareness network - and by helping JHR spread the word on-line you will be helping to change lives in the countries we work in!
What do DA's get in return?
Beyond the satisfaction of knowing that you’re spreading the word on prevalent human rights abuses from happening around the world, there are a few other perks to being a DA.
Every tweet that you send out as a Digital Ambassador for JHR must contain #rightmedia and #jhrDA hashtags. We do this to track who's actually posting, and those who we find are more active Digital Ambassadors will be rewarded through prizes, event tickets and job opportunities with JHR in the future (obviously this also depends on other necessary requirements, but trust me, this helps!)

Your First Assignment:
First things first, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Next, you can start retweeting and sharing posts on your personal network. However, right now we need your help to find more Digital Ambassadors - that way we have thousands (not just hundreds) of people as a part of this human rights awareness network. As you know, to make real change and impact on-line you need numbers, so we need your help getting people signed up!
Your Responsibilities as a Digital Ambassador:
Be an active participant in our online communities (i.e. comment on our Facebook page, retweet JHR posts on twitter, share JHR produced videos, photo’s and articles, take part in online group chats, encourage friends to read JHR fields notes and success stories, encourage friends to become digital ambassadors.)
Rebroadcast all material sent to you by JHR’s social media coordinator on your personal and/or professional social media networks. New featured content to publicize on your Facebook, twitter and other SM accounts will be sent to you weekly. Digital Ambassadors must retweet at least fifty times each month.
Check JHR’s website for new information, human rights news, success stories and publicize new JHR content on a consistent basis.
Maintain political impartiality on issues when representing JHR.
Thank you so much for signing up and joining this online human rights awareness network. We are overjoyed to have you on board!

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