Saturday, August 25, 2012

New IP Threat to Foreign Companies in China

Published on Aug 25, 2012 by
International businesses operating in China may now be subject to the same internet security as other Chinese, putting their intellectual property at high risk.

The Quality Brands Protection Committee oversees intellectual property rights of companies operating in China. CNN reports the Committee has sent an email to over 200 members, warning them they may be approached by Chinese authorities. They reported some of their clients were forced to buy and install internet monitoring software. Up until now, many international companies sidestep the great firewall by having their own networks.

CNN interviewed Thomas Parenty, an information security specialist. He says that the software is essentially a Trojan horse that would allow the Chinese authorities to spy on international company's networks. He told CNN, quote "If you're concerned about IP (intellectual property), you might as well roll up your tents because it's essentially game over."

So far only a handful of companies reported being approached by Chinese police. Those who were confronted were either forced to install the internet logging software or were asked to be inspected. CNN reports that local officials threatened to cut off their service and fine them if they did not comply.

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