Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Coptic Christian population #freeStephen

In adhering to the on-going scheme of terrorizing the Coptic Christian population out of Egypt, kidnapping for a ransom has become the recurring theme, and has reached its historic highs since the Muslim Brotherhood government took office.
Stephen is back home safely Oct 19th
The latest victim was 3 years old Stephen Michael Eweeda who was taken at gunpoint on Oct 13, 2012 by 4 armed men on his mother’s watch. The local police could not track the toddler, who is known to have a poor health condition, or identify his captors.
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Furthermore, with Stephen’s father being one of Ahmed Shafik’s key supporters in the city of Ismailia, and a generous donour to his presidential campaign, the tragedy has gained an added political dimension. The family is pleading for the safety of their son, and is asking that international children's rights organizations pressure the Egyptian government to assume responsibility for the safety of their Coptic citizens.

تكثف مباحث الإسماعيلية جهودها لكشف غموض اختطاف نجل رجل أعمال، من أمام منزله بشارع شبين الكوم دائرة قسم ثالث الإسماعيلية، تحت تهديد السلاح من قبل مجهولين.

كان اللواء محمد عيد، مدير أمن الإسماعيلية قد تلقى إخطاراً من المباحث بورود بلاغ من ميشيل طلعت بقيام مجهولين يستقلون سيارة ملاكى باختطاف نجله استيقن 3 سنوات تحت تهديد السلاح ولم يتهم أحداً بالاختطاف وجارى البحث عن المتهمين وإعادة الطفل إلى أهله.

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