Monday, October 29, 2012

Copts need a presidential decree to pray;

Copts need a presidential decree to pray; a myth under Mubarak, a reality under the Muslim Brotherhood. 
Oct 28, 2012
7 injured today in Ezbet Marco, Bani Swaif, after being attacked by Salafists for going to pray in the neighbouring village's church. This comes after the priest of the village, Fr. Isaac Kastour, was kicked out following the blasphemy case filed against the 2 minor boys earlier this month. 

The victims of today's attacks were forced to reconcile after being threatened by the deputy Chief of Police that he will not come to their aid. Furthermore, Coptic families were asked by the salafists attackers to stop coming from their villages to pray in the church until a presidential decree is issued to authorize them to do so.

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