Thursday, March 14, 2013

the National Salvation Front conference April 13, 2013.

Egypt's main opposition alliance, the National Salvation Front (NSF), is hosting its first international conference in North America on April 13, 2013.

 Place: Mississauga Convention Centre - 75 Derry Road W, Mississauga, L5W 1G3
Date & Time: Saturday April 13th, 2013 at 4pm. Tickets are for sale for ONLY $10.

Dr. Mohamed Aboul Ghar, President of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and one of the founders of the National Salvation Front, will be in Mississauga to address a large crowd of Egyptian Canadians. The event will focus on answering their questions and concerns regarding the current situation in Egypt and what they can do to help. He will be talking about the efforts of the NSF as well as the issues that have been facing Egypt since the foundation of the coalition.
As a team, we are working on raising funds for the National Salvation Front to enable them to raise awareness and educate Egyptians on how/why a civilian government is crucial for the future of the country. The NSF has to date 47 locations in Egypt, which is very low in comparison to 48 Muslim Brotherhood locations in Cairo only.
Help us raise funds for a better and more enlightened future of Egypt.
Please note that all cheques should be payable to the Egyptian Social Democratic Party dated April 13, 2013. A copy of your Egyptian Passport or Rakam Kawmy or old Egyptian ID need to be enclosed. Expired documents are accepted.
About the National Salvation Front (NSF):
        The National Salvation Front is Egypt’s main opposition coalition established in the wake of the abrupt issuance of President Mohamed Morsi's constitutional declaration on November 22, 2012. It        successfully brought together liberals, leftists, Nasserists and other divided opposition factions whose main purpose now is to resist and reject what they view as a flagrant power grab by the President and   his Islamist allies. Today, the coalition unites 11 non-Islamist parties. Along with other key players, Dr. Mohamed Aboul Ghar was one of the main founders of the alliance.
        The NSF has announced that it will boycott the 2013 parliamentary elections.

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